Sequoia Mountain House

Designed by Willms Design Services, the Sequoia Mountain House is located at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort.

The residence is a unique and stunning legacy home grounded by the enormous Red Cedar log that runs vertically through the centre of the home. The log structurally supports the main timberframe and staircase and creates a stunning focal point. The entire house is beautifully finished with numerous species of wood from all over North America.

The name of the residence, Sequoia, was chosen by its owner and has deep meaning to him and his family. Although the homeowner is from Toronto, his father proudly raised 12 children in Malta, where he lived. The family home in Malta was the only house in town with a garden where banana, lemon and orange trees flourished. The Malta home was named “Sequoia” by the family grandfather due to its size, strength and ability to withstand anything. It suffered through World War 2 but emerged unscathed. Just prior to construction of the Sequoia Mountain House Residence at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, the homeowner’s father passed away. The tree in the middle is a tribute to a strong man and a deeply proud, connected family.




Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, Golden, BC